AG Architects Website, the official website of architecture studio of architects Anda Anastasopoulou and Vasilis Ghikapeppas.


Anda and Vasilis came to us requesting a website that  would

  1. Showcase their studio’s work and achievements in their 20-year-old career.
  2. Help them connect to their international audience.
  3. Easily add new projects to their website or add content to their present ones.

They also had a very clear vision of the aesthetics of their website, which we went on to turn into a functional website.

We developed for them a bilingual website with separate logos and fonts for each language, with full-screen sliders, a sleek minimal menu and, for their projects, text boxes that only appear on click.

We also took special care to customize their admin panel in a way that makes it as simple as possible for the admin team to add new projects to their website.