Magia Billy Website the official website of nursery school Magia Billy.


Magia Billy required a new website that would bring a fresh look to the school as part of a greater re-branding project. The new look would focus and revolve around the school’s blog, which is a vital part of the connection between that school and the children’s parents.

Jellyfish Media Labs created a colourful and playful website that matches the school’s logo. Bright colours are combined with softer tones and a polka-dot background to produce an engaging setting for the various sections.

The home page features the school’s latest blog posts with the use of interchanging rows with text, coloured backgrounds and large imagery, while both the school’s history and services are presented in the form of a timeline. Subtle, as well as more eye-catching effects (like the pop-up contact form) are used to create a balanced approach towards a website both parents and children can relish.


Magia Billy Website - Jellyfish Media Labs